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Oh, wait until you see this tool – WordHero…

Over the last several months, I have gotten into a new set of tools in the AI writing space. See, I write and communicate a ton. I think it is critically important to build relationships and so I like to be communicating, writing blogs, writing articles and communicating as often as possible. But I also get stuck sometimes and need a bit of help.

That’s when I discovered that there are AI writing tools out there that can help give me over writer’s block. I mean, think about it, there are tools you can say. I have an idea but stuck on how to move forward and you take that idea and BAM!, your writer’s block is over and you can move on.

How cool is that? Does it write all the words? No, that’s crazy talk, think about it, can a tool replace 30+ years of hands-on experience?

That’s when I met a tool called WordHero. Seriously, this was a lifesaver for me. With all the articles, blogs, emails and communications I do, this tool has been amazing. Honestly, this is a cool tool. I’m not sure how I got through writer’s block before WordHero!! I written 5 books, trust me I had writer’s block a ton and now, I just put an idea out there in the tool and it comes back and prompts me. It is outstanding.

What am I talking about??

WordHero is a cloud based application that will help you write. It could be an article, press release, song lyrics, product benefits, elevator pitch.

First, you give it some content to get it start and it takes off like crazy and start writing.

Write your topics you want in the tool.

It could be anything, see below of just some of the features.

Basically, you create a content topic area and the tool takes off!

Once you set the tool in motion, it creates the first draft for you. It is so freaking cool, you must try it!

Here are some of the things it does, but this is not everything!

Some WordHero Features

Oh wait until you see this tool - WordHero...

  • WordHero writes blog posts!
  • WordHero writes cover letters!
  • WordHero writes LinkedIn and social media Bios
  • WordHero writes articles, social media posts…etc.
  • WordHero will not make breakfast, lunch or dinner! WordHero will not fold laundry, or clean the house.
  • I guess WordHero won’t do EVERYTHING!!!

Here are some other facts that you need to consider about using this kind of software:

  • It does not replace your experience!
  • It does not know the subject area like you know your subject areas!
  • It needs a ton of help with grammar, spelling, context….

Again, it does not replace you, you are the brains here, it is just an amazing tool to help you!

If you are interested in trying out WordHero, I have a link for you to try. Yes, this is an affiliate link, if you choose to try it and do purchase it, I will gain a small commission, but it will be a no extra cost to you. 

I think you will love it! I do! So friggin cool.

Let me know what you think!

Bill Dow, PMP

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