Who is Bill Dow, PMP

Bill Dow, PMP

Who is Bill Dow, PMP?

Bill Dow, PMP, is a renowned Project Management expert recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for his specialization in developing and managing Project Management Offices (PMOs). His extensive expertise in this field has led him to co-author several in-depth books, available on Amazon. In 2023, Bill received the prestigious PMO Influencer of the Year Award from PMO Global Awards, a division of PMI.org®.

With over 20 years of teaching experience at the college level in Washington State, British Columbia, and Ontario, Canada, Bill has established and led 10 PMOs across four different companies. He has accumulated over 30 years in the Project Management industry, contributing to numerous organizations. 

Bill’s Books:

Bill Dow’s seventh book “Project Communications 2.0” was released in 2023 and focuses on improving project manager’s communication skills. In this eBook, Bill takes project managers through improving tips and tricks to communicate more effectively on their projects. Project Managers continue to struggle with project communications, so this short but packed eBook covers topics ranging from project colors to remote communications. 

Bill Dow’s sixth book “PMO Best Practices – Continuous Status Monitoring” helps PMO Managers understand the data they are seeing across their programs and projects. There is no better way than creating a set of processes and procedures to understand what is happening across your organization. Without these processes, you will struggle to keep a handle on what projects are in Red, Yellow, over budget, under budget, resource issues.  In this eBook will show you how to track and report on your project management office’s data. The continuous monitoring method helps you spot issues early, identify trends, and eliminate bottlenecks in project planning, execution, and delivery.

Bill Dow’s fifth book “PMO Service Offerings – How do I select the right services for my PMO?” was released in 2021 and introduces the concepts of what Services are needed for your PMO. Bill dives into how to select the right services in your PMO based off of the business problems your company is faced with today. You can pick your copy today on Amazon. Grab it from this link and let me know what you think!

Bill Dow is the author of his fourth book “The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting down. The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down will provide PMO Managers, Portfolio, Program and Project Managers with the knowledge and skills to Build, Run and Shutdown a PMO. No other text on the market will take you through the steps of the PMO lifecycle. This book covers the step by step process of building, implementing, running and shutting down a PMO. This book is still available on Amazon.com.

Bill Dow is the co-author of his 3rd book the “Project Management Communication Tools”. This is a 703-page reference manual, published by Dow PublishingLLC in 2015. It can be found on Amazon.com and consistently in the Top 100 for Project Management books. This book is still available on Amazon.com.

Bill’s second book is called “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO“. The book takes his personal experience in building and implementing PMO’s over a 10-year period and puts it into a format that is easy to read and use for any PMO Manager. This book can also be found on Amazon.com. Bill’s second book “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” is a self-published book and has been a top seller for many years. The book remains to be the only tactical PMO book on the market. This book is no longer available on Amazon.

Bill Dow is the co-author of the “Project Management Communication Bible”. This is an 801-page reference manual, published in 2008 for Wiley publishing. It can be found on Amazon.com and consistently in the Top 100 for Project Management books. This book is no longer available on Amazon.com.

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Find Bill’s books here on at his Amazon Store.

Bill’s Self-Publishing Journey – Bill Dow, PMP

The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO is a self-published book. I approached many of the big publishing companies to publish this PMO book (my second book) and I never heard back from any of them. Having already been a published author with my first book “Project Management Communications Bible”, Wiley & Sons 2008, I would have thought that I would have at least received some response from one or two companies. But I never did, so I had to push forward and self-publish instead. I spent several months working my way through the self-publishing process with no support and a lot of trial and error. This was not an easy process and frustrating. Now, my PMO is one of the highest-rated PMO books on Amazon and has great reviews. I am in the process now of self-publishing my second book. My third book will be coming out soon, stay tuned for more information.

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