PMO Staffing Models

Many PMO Managers struggle with understanding what resources they need in their organization. Some PMO managers fill their orgs with contractors only, some with all employees, some actually use both. It is most common for PMO managers to use both, basically following what most companies do across the organization.
Well, this is a pretty common question I get asked and I often point people to my PMO book “The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running and Shutting Down”. But, I am not going to do that today, I am going to pull some of the secrets from the book on PMO Staffing chapter.
There are 3 main areas that PMO managers need to consider including:

1. The 4 P’s of their PMO – What kind of PMO will you run? Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management?

2. PMO Service Offerings – Based on the methodology you just selected (Portfolio, Program, Project) what services will you offer? i.e. Portfolio Prioritization? Yearly Planning…etc.

3. Determine PMO Staffing Requirements- Are you going to hire PMI certified only? How many year’s experience? What about technical Skills?

So, when you put all these three together (1. + 2. + 3. = A fully staff PMO). After working with each of these three areas you will end up with the right resources working on the your PMO Service Offerings. Using a PMO Roles and Responsibilities Staffing Model will guide you in the right direction and will set you up for hiring the right staff for your PMO.

Here is an example of the PMO Roles and Responsibilities Staffing Model:

Make sense?
I strongly suggest you implement the PMO Roles and Responsibilities Staffing Model in your PMO today!
What do you think?

Bill Dow, PMP

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