Project Management Office (PMO) & Project Management Courses

Courses, Courses, Courses… Who is looking a Course in the Project Management Space?

I love teaching, I have been teaching for years and years, started in the early 90s and continue to teach today. Why do I love it, well you have to remember that project management is a challenging profession to master. It requires many different skill sets, including managing budgets, deadlines, and personnel. Most project managers are often unaware of the challenges they are up against until they are faced with them on their projects. To combat this problem there are many training programs that I offer to help you prepare for these challenges before they come up. Remember, I have done this for 30 years, this is not my first time through this process. Again, I can’t stress the importance of project management training and ensuring you have the skills you need to navigate these complex projects you are managing today. I am here to help!

I am offering a number of courses on his Bill Dow PMP Training Page here that you need to check out today. We have PMO Courses, we have project management courses, you name it in this space we have it. I am also creating new ones all the time.

Some of this training includes:

  • Project Management Office Courses
  • Project Management Training
  • PowerBI Dashboard Training
  • ….

Project Management Office (PMO) & Project Management Courses