ADKAR – How to Implement Successful Change in Our Personal Lives and Professional Careers


I wanted to reach out because I just read this book and it is a must read for any project managers. It is all about Organizational Change Management and the importance it has on the success or failure of projects. First of all, it is a simple read, so something you can sit down with and get through very quickly and second of all, it is a must-must for any PMO or Project Manager. If you are thinking that you can implement a project without it, you are crazy. Organizational change management is the key to the success of every project and without it, you won’t make it.

Here are some quick take-aways…







These are 5 steps that you take people through to help them accept and process change. Not everyone will go through it the same way, some will embrace it, some will fight it, but this model is awesome.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

I loved it and it is a must have for everyone in the Project Management Industry. If you like this article, I wrote a more detailed article here on my blog site. Check it out!

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Bill Dow, PMP

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