Bill Dow Top 16 in World

One of the Top 16 PMO Leaders in the world 2020!

What an honor to be nominated as one of the Top 16 PMO Leaders in the world by PMO Global Alliance. I am super excited about the nomination because I work hard for that recognition. I strive to put out the best product I can using my 30+ years of experience while still working a full-time job. See, I don’t get the luxury of being on LinkedIn full time pushing my brand, I don’t get to create product after product, I am busy working at my day job, so everything I do, is done on nights and weekends.

It is the same way I treated writing my 4 books I wrote and published, nights and weekends. So, I feel like I am in a bit of a different situation than some of the other nominees on the list, but that’s ok, I appreciate even being noticed and that people recognize the hard work I have done in this space for years and years.

2020 PMO Influencers in the World

I wanted to thank who ever nominated me as well, that is huge. I have no idea who it was, but going from 55 Top PMO Leaders, down to 16 was amazing. So, from me to you…. THANK YOU! You can imagine all the PMO Managers and Directors across the world so to be named like this is huge for me!

If you are interested in becoming named as top 16 in the world, it starts with building a PMO and it that is going to require reading, mentoring and a ton of hard work. Have a look at my how to build a PMO article here, and if you are serious about doing this stuff, you are going to need a coach/mentor through the process. Check out my coaching/mentor program here.

Remember, I am here to help, just reach out!

What do you think?

If you want to see some of my PMO articles, happy to share some of my popular ones like this one on How to Build a PMO. Or how about this one, on how to Run a PMO? 


Bill Dow, PMP

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